MCN Update: 20 October 2015

The Mentor Capital Network (formerly known as the William James Foundation) has launched our 2016 program. We are always learning, and we have made a few tweaks.

The main tweak is this — after 12 years of calling our program a competition, we’ve decided that collaboration is a better term for the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and the MCN team to strengthen companies that are making our world a better place to live. (But yes, there are still prizes and finalists.)

But I wanted to make sure that we were learning from the people who knew us best — the entrepreneurs and mentors who have participated in our programs.  I’m writing you because you were either an entrepreneur or reviewer / judge / mentor with us. And I’d love your opinion on what we are doing now.

Any thoughts? Questions? Things that worked or didn’t work for you in the past that we could include or remove? 

The MCN is dedicated to providing the best and most useful experience to our mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors. If you can think of any tweaks to our program that might help us improve in that manner, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to include things that might require resources we don’t have right now — I can always try and raise funds for them for next year.

And, as always, our best way to find next year’s entrepreneurs and mentors is last year’s entrepreneurs and mentors.

  • If you are building or growing a company we can help, or know someone who is, send them/go here.
  • If you would like to be a mentor, and/or know someone who would make an excellent candidate, send them/go here.
  • If you think we’re making a positive difference, and would like for the MCN to be able to work with more companies, please make a financial donation hereĀ