Toilet Company Makes Flushless Commodes for Flood-Prone Countries

STAPLETON — A toilet company is making commodes for flood-prone regions where flushing is impossible.

Toilets for People, started by Park Slope resident Jason Kass, builds low-cost wooden compost toilets called Crappers that are used in places like regions of Peru.

“A lot of these communities, they can’t put in a pit latrine,” he said.

“The problem is that in flood prone areas the water gets into those holes, then overflows and the poop goes everywhere in the village and you get sores on your legs.”

Last month, Kass designed and put up for sale a $750 toilet — made inside his workspace at the Staten Island MakerSpace — for bathroom-goers in the U.S. who might want a backup toilet in case septic tanks back up or if they want to live off the grid as much as possible.