Rebuilding Civil Society in Syria, Afghanistan, Gaza

One of our major donors has just given me a $10,000 challenge to our community. Yesterday, we raised $1,010 towards that match. So $8,990 to go.
So it may seem a bit odd that I’m emailing you again, today. But today, December 1st, is #GivingTuesday. Which means that Network For Good is also providing a match to any donations given through their site to us TODAY, December 1st. It’s that simple.

Can you help us make that match? Donate here:
Not only will we benefit from the funds raised on #GivingTuesday, but we will also earn matching funds from our partner, Network for Good, for gifts given online-making your support go even further. We need your help, and it’s easy.

* Please consider making your year-end gift on December 1. If you wish to make your gift go further with matching funds, give online at

Please do what you can for social entrepreneurs around the world on this big day. We’re looking forward to supporting companies that will be re-building civil society in Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, and scores of other places around the world that need stable local economies. But we need your help to do that.
Your giving TODAY can make an even bigger impact with the power of #GivingTuesday and with our access to matching funds.

Support for our operating costs comes from you, our community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. In 2014, 140 individuals came together to provide more than $40,000 in general operating support. Can we count on you to be part of that community on #givingtuesday in 2015?

It Takes a Village
Let’s do this together! With your support, Mentor Capital Network will be better positioned to achieve our mission: strengthen the social enterprise community, champion triple bottom line values, and leverage our mentor capital to forge new successes.

Our average donation in 2015 has been $316.77. Feel free to round up. Or round down. Or send $50, $500, or $5,000. Whatever you can give can help us create opportunities for collaboration with passionate individuals from our network who need our mentors’ specific skills to accelerate their ideas and inventions forward to make the world a better place. Please donate generously.