MCN Update: 7 December 2015

Where Mission Drives Margin

I hope all is well with you. I’m writing you as a member of the Mentor Capital Network with three questions:Are you looking for investment, or know anyone who is?Do you know anyone who is looking to start a career in Sustainable Business?Can you help us pick the 2016 winter cohort for our next program?

I’ve been contacted by a number of universities looking for pipeline for the MIINT project ( MIINT is an experiential lab designed to give students a hands-on education in impact investing by going through a sourcing and due diligence process to select “impact-oriented” companies open to a potential seed stage investment in April/May 2016. The top MBA team gets a $50,000 investment for their company. If your company is currently raising funds (generally in the $250k – $1mm range), and you’d like to be connected to these teams, please send me an email.

I’ve spoken with folks from Yale, UNC, MIT,and UVA in particular. They are all looking at seed-stage companies. Particular areas of interest include Education, Clean Energy, Food and Agriculture, & Healthcare. 

The Yale team provided a bit more detail: U.S. seed-stage companies that clean up the dirtiest places by reducing waste in landfills, minimizing toxins, or improving sanitation.Companies in Europe and the Middle East that are addressing a critical need for Syrian refugees.Early stage companies that provide products and services to help broaden women’s access to economic opportunity in developing economies.High impact and extremely local businesses dedicated to expanding access to financial services and capital.Companies seeking to provide solutions that promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles across socio-economic classes in New England cities – with a focus on the transportation and energy sectors.If you fit into any of these categories, and are running a round right now, let me know, and I’ll make the connection.

The Mentor Capital Network is hiring! I’m looking for either a entry-level person who is looking to get a broad knowledge of the field of social enterprise ($30k-ish) or someone with a few years specific information ($40k-ish). We’ll fit the job around the applicant. The job is in Washington, DC, and reports directly to me. A formal job description will follow, but for now I’m happy to talk to people who are looking to begin a career in the field. The best part of the job is interacting with hundreds of amazing social entrepreneurs. 

The Mentor Capital Network’s 2016 Cohort (Potentially)
We in the process of picking who we will be working with in the Winter and Spring of 2016. We’ve narrowed the pool from 300 to 100. Now we need to get it down to 30. If you know any of the current candidates, and have an opinion of them one way or another, let us know. After all, people who’ve been through our program have the best sense of who would benefit from it.