Rags to Riches: Lydia shares how tonlé is changing the way fashion is done in Cambodia

tonlé is an eco and socially conscious brand that started out in Cambodia 6 years ago. It’s zero waste production and we also help the communities in Cambodia.

Why did tonlé really draw me? It has the aspects of international development, which is what my passion and my schooling is in, as well as the environmental side of things. Cambodia is also very well know for all of the factories, a lot of clothing factories and manufacturing factories, that have just abysmal practices in terms of the rights of the workers and their work environment. My home is actually really close to a few of those factories and everyday I can see these people coming in and out of work. It’s a very hard place to be at. I just think it’s really important to have good work value and a very good workplace environment. In a way [tonlé is] kind of changing the way we’re doing fashion in Cambodia.