4 innovative toilet designs to talk about on World Toilet Day

Composting toilets
For much of the world, having water-based sanitation systems simply isn’t feasible. For them, composting toilets may be the easiest system to implement. These designs take advantage of the fact that human feces naturally break down into compost when exposed to oxygen, and urine makes an excellent fertilizer. Designs like Toilets for People’s “the crapper” (Compact, Rotating, Aerobic, Pollution-Prevention Excreta, Reducer) create an eco-friendly toilet for developing countries.
However, composting toilets aren’t just for the developing world. In the developed world, composting toilets are becoming a more and more popular part of the green movement. Last year in the U.K., the popular Glastonbury music festival used composting toilets. Composting toilets can be used on a smaller scale though. The BioLet composting toilet is an example of a composting toilet designed for houses, cottages or boats.