MCN Update: 25 May 2016

2016 Summer Cohort
Mentor Capital Network’s 
Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration

And just like that, we’re off and running with a new cohort of mission-driven social enterprises who are developing innovative ways to address the world’s biggest problems. We’re matching these companies with industry and regional experts around the world who have graciously volunteered to critique their business plans and challenge these entrepreneurs to consider how they’ll overcome the hurdles they’ll face as they work to scale their ideas. 

Meet the 2016 Summer Cohort: 
Azimuth Solar makes clean energy affordable to low-income off-grid customers in Sierra Leone using solar technology and mobile money.
Brave UP improves the education process and creates safe school environments by facilitating productive conversations about bullying through an online platform.
Conscious Period offers 100% organic cotton tampons with BPA-free plastic applicators, and for every box of tampons they sell, they give a box of pads to a woman who is homeless. 
Drink to Life creates and distributes vitamin fortified liquid and powder drinks to support healthy pregnancies and child development in West Africa.
EnovatRx is South Asia’s first ever e-pharmacy benefit management system.
Esoko is a simple but powerful communication tool for businesses, government, NGOs and others to connect with farmers.
Global Microgrid Fund (GMF) offers a unique service that is the evaluation of and investment in renewable micro grid energy projects in emerging markets that are financially profitable.
Handscart is a provider of indigenous handmade products directly from Artisans and weavers hand from all over globe to save culture and history behind products.
Jicaro creates handmade jewelry and housewares in Granada, Nicaragua. Proceeds support local youth clubs and provide scholarships.
Kulisha is a revolutionary, for-profit aquafeed company that produces a commercial grade aquafeed from insects and caters to small-scale aquaculture farmers in Kenya.
Maintain2Sustain sells maintenance service contracts to development agencies, governments and NGOs to address the crumbling and forgotten infrastructure projects in developing countries, increasing returns on investment for development projects and strengthening donor support.
Plantea is a sensor technology that monitors plant growth parameters such as ATP and glucose levels in real-time to help farmers increase their food production.
Rate it Green connects and supports green builders and green building companies across the globe in order to enable product and service validation and information exchange, with an ultimate goal of reducing the impact of the built environment.
RUR Greenlife designs, builds and implements sustainable, decentralized waste management solutions for individuals, school, organizations, housing societies and industry to recycle 80% of waste into resource to reduce landfill load. 
Saathi has developed a fully eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary pad with an absorbent core made from waste banana tree fiber.
Student Veteran Housing Association of America serves the veteran students who served our nation by providing transition education and resilience training in a supportive residential community to promote successful military-to-student-to-civilian reintegration.
Terraoak is saving lives and the environment by building innovative Clean Cookstoves that reduce smoke-pollution from biomass.
Do you want to see your startup’s name in that list for our next cohort? 
Apply today! We’re actively seeking outstanding for-profit social enterprise start-ups and growing companies who are using their mission to drive their financial margin. Are you developing ways to combat the world’s dependence on fossil fuels with Clean Energy projects? Are you changing the way people in your community handle waste? What about finding new ways to meet the problems of food and water scarcity that impacts so much of the planet? 
Are you pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and building a sustainable business that is not only creating jobs but also making the world a better place? If so, we want you! 
We’re thrilled to announce that tickets are now available for our 2016 Annual Gathering, which will be held in Washington, DC on September 29th – October 1st. 
The Mentor Capital Network identifies and supports entrepreneurs who are building mission-driven companies with a goal to create long term sustainable impact. During this event, we will hear from many of the top performers of our Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration and the mentors who are helping to support these teams address the world’s biggest challenges. We hope you join us!

Early bird sales end July 15, 2016. 
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