Update Sesolo Mello

On the 25th of February Sesolo Mello has presented their case during a great Borrel of the Pyramid event. Curious on what their status is now?

Sesolo Mello is a social enterprise aiming to substitute paraffin in South African households with a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative: a biofuel blend that can be used in the same cookstoves as paraffin. Made from waste vegetable oils and produced in small scale production facilities, it also provides a sustainable solution that can stimulate local entrepreneurship and employment.

In February 2016 Roy Hendriks from Sesolo Mello presented his question at the Borrel of the Pyramid: how can we get local stakeholders (customers/employees/partners) enthusiastic for what we are doing and on board for working together with us? This difficult question fueled an evening of interesting discussions and some good key take-aways at the end: get a local “authority figure” to work with us and make sure that our employees are also our most supportive customers.