New solar powered bench in Norfolk charges phone while you sit

NORFOLK, Va. – Ever sit on a bench and wish you could charge your mobile phone outside? Well, a new addition to the NEON District can help.
Hampton Roads’ first solar powered bench is being brought to you by the Downtown Norfolk Council, partnering with Aesop Technologies.
The bench provides users an opportunity to charge their mobile device while outside, where charging sources are usually scarce.
“My whole objective is to change the way how people see and utilize renewable technologies and the only way to do that is by producing innovating products, like Aesop Tholos” said owner and CEO of Aesop Technologies, Nisha Witt.
You can find the bench at The Plot, on the corner of Granby Street and Olney Road, in the NEON District.
Saturday, the public is invited to “charge up” at the launch event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
City of Norfolk Business Development Consultant, Christopher Tillett, said, “This is an amenity that will soon be in cities and states across the US, and we, the City, are extremely excited that we could get on the ground floor of this technology, and even more excited that we were able to work with a local Vet and SWaM certified maker Nisha Witt.”