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Aesop Technologies of Norfolk specializes in next-generation solar-powered technology. Its current focus is called Aesop Nucleus, a miniature solar concentration system meant replace portable power generators and, eventually, commercial solar panels.

Shaper of the Month: Nisha Witt

While working on a research paper, I found an article about how cell phones were starting to become the top contributors for excessive carbon emission. I was shocked and amazed that there were not a lot of gadgets to help mobile device users alleviate the need to recharge their phone from a tethered indoor outlet. So I was inspired to invent a solar powered cell phone charger using Luminescent solar concentrators, or LSCs. It didn’t take off as quickly and as well as I had anticipated, so I pivoted the idea into a solar powered bench. The concept is still the same, but the design is vastly different.

Aesop Technologies Presents to 1 Million Cups

Our first product, Aesop Solis, is our solar powered mobile device case, which is still under development. Aesop Tholos is our latest product that we will soon be introducing to the City of Norfolk. It is our solar powered bench.