Aesop Technologies Presents to 1 Million Cups

Aesop Technologies is a Veteran, Woman owned small business. Their goal is to produce a line of various products implemented with solar technology. Nisha Witt, Founder and President, is originally from Virginia Beach. The concept of Aesop Tech evolves around Aesop’s fable “The North Wind and The Sun”. The moral of the story is that “gentle persuasion is more effective than force.” Meaning if we create products that involve renewable energy and it benefits or provides convenience to their life, then this industry will be able to thrive and become successful. Aesop’s first product – Solis, is a solar powered mobile device case, which is still under development. Aesop’s latest product – Tholos, a solar powered bench will soon be introduced to the City of Norfolk. Aesop hopes to expand their products and services from more than just the benches and personal energy harvesting devices in the near future.