You’re going to be seeing more solar panels in movies, here’s why.

Inspiring behaviour change through cinema

Beth Bell, founder and president of Green Product Placement, has transformed mainstream product placement into “positive placement”.

The US-based international media product placement company promotes and places only green, all natural, sustainable, socially enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial products in films, television shows and web media.

Beth, a film and media professional, had her “light bulb moment” in 2011 while taking part in an online discussion on the TED website, with American documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

“Media product placement is an inevitable part of the marketing and advertising landscape and it’s not going anywhere,” she said. “Why not use that very successful platform to promote companies that are green, or are socially enterprising, or are local/entrepreneurial?”

Beth and her associate Lisa Dietrich have 40 years’ combined experience in the film and television business in set decorating, set dressing and props. They frequently place green products such as food, drink, beer, wine and liquor; health and beauty; electronics and appliances; clothing, apparel and accessories.