5 Startups Who Are Trail-Blazers In Clean-Tech

The great outdoors are fun and relaxing but for our connected generation a constant source of power is almost as necessary as water. However, power banks can only last so long when you are on a week long bicycling or trekking adventure. This where a solar powered backpack would be so handy! Gandharv Bakshi and Lavina Mahbubani founded Lumos Design Technology Pvt. Ltd to design such amazing backpacks. The solar backpacks which retail between Rs.4,999 and Rs.5,999 are designed with a solar panel on the front which soak in the sun’s energy and also have a plug from which mobile phones, GPS devices and other USB devices can be charged, literally on-the-go! Available on Flipkart, Amazon and other e-commerce sites, the bags are beautifully designed and despite the solar panel, are lightweight and look good.