These Stylish Clothes Were Once Scraps On A Factory Floor

Fashion brand Tonlé makes dresses, shirts and pants out of leftover material cast aside by large manufacturers.

The company’s designers get fabrics from the “remnant” markets in Cambodia, where people sell textiles tossed by clothing factories after the cutting and trimming process, Tonlé founder Rachel Faller told The Huffington Post.

Faller’s goal is to fight back against some of the fashion industry’s biggest ills: textile waste and unjust labor practices. Tonlé, which is based in Cambodia and sells its products internationally, employs Cambodian women, pays them a fair wage and allows them to work reasonable hours ― and it makes all its clothing without sending a single scrap to landfills.

“We’re a small company, a drop in the bucket,” Faller acknowledged, “but we can make a statement to the industry that we need to value the materials and the labor that went into them.”