If you’re a woman in your childbearing years, the threat of Zika virus and mosquito bites is probably on your mind. That’s why Canadian funding is being poured into a women’s health company that’s created a line of anti-Zika apparel, weaving mosquito repellent nanotechnology into everyday clothing.

There are hoodies, leggings, a dress and scarves for versatile wear. The clothing is meant for women who may have pregnancy on their minds to expectant moms shopping for maternity clothes, according to Maternova cofounder and CEO, Meg Wirth.

Maternova works on creating products that promote women’s health. It’s based in Providence, R.I., but the company won a $25,000 grant from Grand Challenges Canada. GCC is funded by the federal government and its grant program helps pay for research in developing ways to treat diseases in the developing world.

So far, Maternova created a device that helps women stop bleeding after giving birth, which is a dangerous issue in the developing world. With Canadian funding, it’s also built a cuff to check for vital signs in pregnant women that can be used in low resource settings.