Purasol successfully interconnected projects between 1.5 and 270 kW under the new regulation

Since 2008 Purasol has installed about 1000 projects in Costa Rica, under which the first on-grid, triphase, open-delta, and micro-grid systems in the country. Purasol has been on top of the game ever since.
On October 8, 2015 MINAE published in the Gazette the Decree 39220-MINAE with the Regulation Generation Distributed for Self-consumption with Renewable Sources. Contracting Model Simple Net Measurement, which is since April 2016 applicable.
Since April Purasol is working with companies and families all around Costa Rica with calculating the possible saving and implementing photovoltaic projects below this new ruling.
As of today’s date more projects are coming in and are in the process of being installed, but with already 13 projects interconnected with different distributors in Costa Rica we can say we have the experience and the knowledge to surpass the clients expectations.
Purasol is very excited for the projects in process and for more to come, this 2017 will be filled with prosperousness and lots of work.