GTX Corp. Signs Collaboration Agreement with Energy Harvesters LLC

GTX Corp. (OTC PINK: GTXO), an IoT platform and global provider of personal location GPS, BLE, cellular and RFID, tracking and monitoring wearable and wandering assistive technology and Energy Harvesters LLC, a Boston-based socially responsible company committed to delivering on demand power to charge wearable electronics by harnessing energy though human motion, announced today signing a Memorandum of Understanding to explore incorporating Energy Harvesters’ patented Walking Charger™ with the GPS SmartSole® and other wearable tech and IoT products within the GTX family of wearable footwear technology.

The Walking Charger™ is a patented power generating device that is integrated within footwear products, giving consumers, commercial, and military users the ability to charge their mobile devices and other electronic devices and sensors, as they walk. When using the Walking Charger™ wearers become their own personal power source, opening up many opportunities for embedding electronics inside of footwear.

Lawrence Grumer, CEO of Energy Harvesters, stated, “We are excited to expand our applications and bring our solution for the continual charging of mobile electronic devices into the healthcare-assistive market by collaborating with GTX Corp., whose GPS SmartSole® product addresses the global problem of wandering due to memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, and traumatic brain injury.”

“Keeping IoT wearable electronic devices charged is essential in our highly connected and mobile lives, but keeping our GPS SmartSoles charged just by walking is a game changer,” stated Andrew Duncan, GTX Corp. director of Business Development. Many of our customers have been asking for ways to extend battery life, so we look forward to working with Larry and his team on this collaboration project and successfully testing the Walking Charger with our line of wearable footwear technology.”

GTX Corp. has been at the forefront of wearable tech for over a decade and holds numerous patents in the field of wireless communications and embedding miniaturized electronics inside footwear. With several footwear wearable tech products in the market place and more expected out this year, the Company’s patented flagship GPS SmartSoles are a perfect fit for this type of technology. The SmartSoles come in several trim to fit sizes for both men and women, are water resistant, made with the highest quality German electronic components and assembled in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

About Energy Harvesters LLC
Energy Harvesters LLC is bringing a disruptive technology to the wearables market with their patented Walking Charger™ to give people the ability to charge their mobile electronic device batteries anytime, anywhere from their own walking. It provides direct and immediate power to a wide range of portable electronic applications including smartphones and other devices including Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, GPS locators, welfare-assistive devices, sports and health monitoring devices, and connected worker solutions.