FireflyPower™ was an Ocean Exchange registrant in 2015. They produce efficient, simple, and lightweight carbon fiber wind turbines which will reduce electricity costs.

A single FireflyPower™ turbine on a rooftop.

FireflyPower™ turbines have two blades and can be attached to a roof or pole, or used on the ground. There are numerous options on how to channel and utilize the generated electricity, whether that is tying into an existing grid, using battery storage or pairing with solar– all with the goal of making renewable wind energy more accessible.

Janet Janiuk, Founder, who also heads operations and marketing, recently spoke with Ocean Exchange. FireflyPower™ is currently selling in the US and Canada, and now has three install locations of different sizes in those countries.

One is at a US-based community college, a second, in Toronto, is a multi-unit install, and third is a residential scale installation. Beta testing and data collection of a new generation turbine is being conducted at this third installation.