New Class of 500 Startups Has Been Announced; These 4 are Workforce Related

Labor Voices
Loosely employment related, this startup helps protect big apparel brands by empowering labor in developing countries to police work conditions. With a cell phone, workers can report violations such as poor working conditions and unacceptable salaries. Think of it as Glassdoor for the supply chain.

Just about every workplace trend is represented here: AI, automation, millennials, mobile, and networking. Of these, VCV has the potential to make the biggest dent in the recruiting universe. It’s not alone, of course. with competitors like Brilent, HiringSolved, Mya, and others, VCV has a tough road ahead. (Changing their name wouldn’t hurt either, as it conjures images of an antiquated VCR for me, but that’s beside the point.) However, getting the backing of 500 Startups is a good omen.