MCN Update: 12 September 2017

I’ve just returned from two weeks in the desert, watching amazing artists create acres of sculptures and interactive experiences. (Do an image search for “Black Rock City Art” if you’re interested. Although you might not want to do so from your office.) 

Many of my fellow travelers on that adventure were blown away by the sense of power and beauty that is created when visionaries redefine how we view the world.

But while I was impressed, that feeling of awe wasn’t new to me. Because I have the honor of watching people change how the world works every day with the Mentor Capital Network. 

The entrepreneurs we work with are addressing the hardest problems in the world — turning waste into fuel, turning HIV+ women and former child soldiers into visibly valued contributors to their community, turning disaster and poverty into hope and pride. And turning investments into profitable social, environmental, and financial returns. 

But you know that. You’ve been a part of our community. And now, as we prepare to launch our 18th program (I feel like we should register to vote — but where? Our community works in more than 90 countries.) I’m hoping you’ll join us for the ride.

1. Do you know a for-profit, mission-driven, early-stage company we can help? Send them to our website. Applications are due October 16th — they take an average of 45 minutes to fill out.
Bonus:  Or it could take no time at all. We also accept applications submitted to our peers — AgoraEchoing Green,  Fledge, GSBI, Seed SpotUnchartedVillage Capital, and others. Entrepreneurs should be running their companies, not filling out paperwork. 

2. Do you want to help us decide which companies we work with in October and November? We’ll be reviewing applications Oct 20 to Nov 20. This takes about 10 minutes per company, and you can review as few or as many as you’d like. We will also be doing in-person meetings and online chats with the semi-finalists. Want to be a part of that? 
Bonus: if they use your name, they save 60% on our processing fee. (There is no fee to apply.)

3. Do you want to review business plans for us in January and February? This takes about 90 minutes per company, and you have 30 days to do so on your own schedule.
Bonus: you get to connect with, and see the feedback of, the other experts who reviewed the same companies. 

4. Do you want to support early-stage entrepreneurs directly, through in-kind of financial support? Great! Email me at and we’ll dream up how to make that happen. 
Bonus: You’ll be in the center of the vortex, changing how the world does business.

Do you want to be a Mentor? Fantastic. The way we work is that we have the entrepreneurs and potential mentors get to know each other through our programs, so that they can chose to work with each other. To us, mentoring is an ongoing relationship that only works if both sides get something out of it. Use us to get to know the entrepreneur you want to work with, while they get to know you,. If you both want to connect with each other, it’s a match! 

Thank you all.

The quote on my arms says “All I have to offer you is each other.”