MCN Update: 9 November 2017

The Mentor Capital Network is ready to pick our next class of entrepreneurs. 
And we’d love your input. Just reply to this email if you want to read some of the coolest new ideas in social enterprise, and I’ll send you the details. 

Yahya and I just spent three days reading interesting and amazing ideas that will change our world. But why should we have all the fun? We’ve narrowed the pool from 176 to 58. Now we’re asking for your help to narrow that down to 20 or so.

As reviewers, mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs, you know how our program works. You know the benefits we provide, and what kinds of people and companies we can best help. You are the best people to inform our decision as to who we should work with next.

These will be companies who are integrating their social, environmental, and/or social value into how they make money. Companies that will make the world a better place while they make themselves stronger financially. Companies that will, with our help, change how business is done. For the better. 

Can you review three, four, or five (or more!) of them for us between now and the end of November? 

These are short applications, mostly two pages, and it takes about ten minutes to read and review an application. (The full-plan round, with the detailed scorecards, will be in February.)

If you’re interested, just reply to this email and I will send you details on how this works. You’ll be able to choose the companies you want to review (they’re sorted by category), and you can do this on your own schedule anytime from now until November 30th.

Thank you all for the work that you do.