Koya Leadership Partners Acquires ReWork

National executive search firm Koya Leadership Partners announced today that it has acquired New York recruiting firm ReWork and its sourcing platform technology, and hired its co-founder and CEO, Abe Taleb, as a Vice President. In his new role at Koya, Taleb will be instrumental in expanding the firm’s depth and breadth of focus around the important and booming millennial workforce.

Koya and ReWork are aligned in their vision to match mission-driven talent to the world’s most socially innovative organizations. Both companies are driven by the belief that the right person in the right place can change the world. The firms’ leadership team feels strongly that no one should have to choose between making money and making a difference. They also recognize that mission-driven organizations deserve the most talented, committed, and passionate professionals to support their efforts.

As a tech-forward company, Koya will leverage ReWork’s innovative technology to engage with candidates more deeply around their social mission and desired impact in the world. Additionally, Koya will use their new technological capabilities to broaden their network of potential candidates, particularly with millennials. Koya’s leadership believes that technology will play a critical role in the recruitment process in the coming years, and this new acquisition will help Koya remain a recruiting front-runner as the industry continues to evolve.