Prerna Mukharya: The data collector

Prerna Mukharya’s five-year-old research and data startup is building solutions that could have a lasting impact on millions of people, given how a majority of India still lives in its villages, and is offline. Gathering data about their needs is critical, says the 31-year-old founder of Outline India, a for-profit social enterprise. This year, Mukharya wants to ramp up the research and data base across the country, and launch products. She talks to Fortune India about the reach of her startup and her plans for 2018.

What does Outline India do and what does it solve?
Outline India is about creating value in the social sector using data, and engaging in evaluations. We help to understand how fund spend by donors is effective, understanding whether government policies are creating a change, and measuring that change. Given how a majority of India still lives in its villages, and is offline, gathering data points and talking to people about their needs and wants and understanding the story behind it is critical. Our clients are think-tanks, academic institutions, not-for-profit organisations, corporates, and government agencies.

Who were your key clients?
We have done work for University of Chicago, CARE (a non-profit venture), USA’s Mathematic Policy Research, and measuring the impact around the work of a Nobel awardee from India, among others.