Let’s Innovate with Nedraki

Because we believe in technology as a resource to build sustainable future, me as a part of Nedraki’s team felt very excited for our conference on may 10th and the commitment proved by the innovator’s who attended the event. They were so grateful to be an important piece in this day, they were able to connect with others that are doing similar things and is exactly this what liked them the most, the opportunity of doing networking, that I could see clearly. I also felt pleased to gather almost a hundred people in the event and felt very motivated to repeat this experience because almost another eighty people at least stay on the selection process that couldn’t be present in this conference.

Those who made it felt very lucky to see a 3D printer on work, they also knew about the 4th industrial revolution, get to know more about our startup Nedraki and what are we doing, they were able to see the innovations and trends on 3D printing, software for design and learned about makerspaces thanks to a high-quality group of professionals from Simon Bolivar University of Caracas, Central University of Venezuela and two companies named Vikua and Asesores PLM, that we get the honor to have as speakers. All this was possible thanks to the support of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, The YLAI Team