The Farmer’s Smartphone, To impact the agriculture ecosystem

A farmer in a remote village in Maharashtra, Atul, is preparing his land for the Kharif season but he isn’t sure what he wants to grow on his farm. He knows most of the farmers in his village are going to sow Soybean instead of Maize. This is happening because last year two farmers grew Soybean and got amazing prices at the mandi. But will they get good prices if the whole village grew one crop? He isn’t sure.

Atul believes in taking feedback from multiple people. He goes to the Sarpanch, meets the best farmer in his taluka, and then travels 70 kms to meet the Agri dealers at the market place. He ends up getting confused. The dealers talk to him about a new product being launched by a well-known company. They also try to convince him to buy a few low-priced unbranded products which are supposed to give bumper yields.