Delhi’s office commute time highest

The average office commute time in Delhi is highest as compared to other metro cities in the country. According to a study by MoveInSync Technology Solutions, an office commute automation platform, the average time taken for someone to travel to work in the city is 60 minutes. This means, on an average a person spends two hours of the day going to and coming back from office.

The study, which is based on approximately 35 lakh one-way trip data across the cities mapped, further shows that office goers in the capital city spend 3-4 minutes per kilometer on the road.

Bangalore holds the second position in the list with 55 minutes of average commute time, whereas Pune and Hyderabad has the lowest commute time of 40-45 minutes.

Deepesh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO, MoveInSync Technology Solutions, said: “The infrastructural development in our country has hampered our commute. Traffic in metro cities is not going to get better, it will only deteriorate with time. The study shows how people spend a huge chunk of their daily life just in going and coming back from work. From the figures, it is estimated that a person spends almost 7 per cent of his or her life only in office commute.”

He also points out that because of the increased travel time the transportation cost for a company has also gone up. In fact, it is the second biggest expense for a company after salary.

MoveInSync provides technology to companies that makes transportation efficient for them. Their patented algorithm help optimise route and travel time, increased occupancy of a vehicle, which thereby reduces the number of vehicles hitting the road.

Agarwal claims that that the Bangalore-based startup helps cut down travel time by 10 minutes each way and helps the employer to reduce its transportation cost by almost 15 per cent.

They also take the help of route optimisation software to provide location updates and send SOS alerts, thereby ensuring the safety of the cab user.

“We believe that our understanding of this space can be valuable to decision making authorities to create a more efficient system. There is an imbalance that is being created with these inefficiencies. We aim at addressing these gaps and creating a system that is efficient, viable, cost benefitting and thrives on safety of employees too.”

The firm, founded in 2009, now has a customer base of 70 clients, including Google, Microsoft, Wipro and other tech companies, with 30,000 cabs on its platforms present across 19 Indian cities and Sri Lanka.

It provides employee transportation solution to more than 20 corporates across the country, transporting 100,000 employees daily and clocking 20 million kilometers of travel every month.

MoveInSync raised $8 million in Series-B round of funding, which was led by Nexus Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Inventus Capital Partners, Saama Capital and Qualcomm Ventures.

The company will use the funds primarily for international expansion and accelerating customer acquisition.

The company has grown at the rate of 100% year-on-year, in terms of revenue, and expects the same growth rate this year too.