Soupergirl founder discusses working with local farmers to grow company nationally

Sara Polon, the founder of Washington, D.C.-based vegan soup company Soupergirl, says the company has to walk a “fine line” trying to maintain local ingredients while growing on a national level.

“In this area, local is so in. I mean, consumers are like ‘I want to make sure you’re sourcing locally,’ ” Polon told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on “Rising.”

“So people are supporting the farmers. That being said, with rising staff costs, people are really pushing them on price. And so we’re trying to walk this fine line of really treating our farmers fairly. I don’t want to make a buck on their back. That’s not right,” she said.

Soupergirl is currently sold in Whole Foods Markets and Costcos on the east coast and the Midwest.

The company is also planning on launching a national program, called “Soupermeal,” which ships directly to customers’ homes and offices.

“We’re putting them in a box, and we’re shipping them to people’s doors. So they open up their refrigerator, and there’s just a shelf full of healthy, delicious, convenient soup,” Polon said.

“So we’re working on this shipping program. That being said, we’re are talking to a whole network of local farmers, and saying ‘we’re really going to ramp up,'” she continued.

The soups currently ship as far west as Chicago and Detroit.