Providing Clean Drinking Water in a Back Pack

I’m the Founder and CEO of DayOne Response, a company that makes getting clean water after humanitarian crises fast, simple and easy. Our flagship product is the DayOne Waterbag, a 10-liter, family-sized water purification device that we designed and on which we have four patents. We designed it to help out during floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even vulnerable events like an ongoing drought or cholera outbreaks. It also works for seasonal rain events or when backpacking and you need a larger volume water supply. The backpack provides all four elements of municipal water supply: collection, treatment, transport, and protected storage, which empowers people worldwide to easily and quickly purify contaminated waters. In addition to being durable and robust, the DayOne Waterbag also provides a 95% delivery costs savings compared to bottled water.

We were very involved in last year’s 2017 North America hurricane response (e.g., Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria), but we also get involved in disaster situations all over the world that don’t make the news. Examples include rain/drought events in Ethiopia and a program in Rwanda focused on children’s well-being.

DayOne Response is a C-corp and for-profit. We didn’t establish ourselves as a nonprofit because we didn’t want to compete for funding with groups we were trying to help. It’s interesting being for-profit in the humanitarian space because it’s very much driven by donations and support, and we’re collaborating with private and public entities to tackle logistics, distribution, and sales so it works with the relief organizations.

We sell directly to relief organizations and government agencies, and we offer our products on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Our backpacks have been used in over 30 countries around the world.