Soupergirl on Shark Tank: Mother and daughter team want to fix the food system

This week on Shark Tank, viewers will get to meet a mother-daughter duo from Washington, D.C. that run a business called Soupergirl. These two are passionate about healthy vegan soups and providing nutrition for the nation.

The company is founded by Soupergirl Sara Polon, a former stand up comedian turned soup-maker. The company’s website explains that Sara was inspired by Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. She decided to get involved in the food movement, turning her passion for food into a soup company. She’s joined by her mom, Soupermom, Marilyn Polon. She has experience in the kitchen, cooking fresh and delicious foods.

“Our food system is broken. We’re trying to fix it. Soupergirl believes in real, responsible food. We support our local farming community. We compost. We use wind energy. We treat our staff respectfully and ask the same of our vendors. We cook healthfully and our soups are plant-based,” the vision on their website reads.