D.C.’s Soupergirl didn’t get a ‘Shark Tank’ deal. Then a shark had second thoughts.

The founders of Soupergirl took their shot on the latest episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank” Sunday night but failed to convince the show’s investors that their D.C. soup company was valued at $5 million.

Then Matt Higgins, one of the show’s guest sharks, had a change of heart.

After filming the episode in June, the RSE Ventures CEO called Soupergirl owner Sara Polon and “said he regretted what happened, wanted to change the ending of that,” she said. Now he’s an adviser.

“I have my own criteria for what I will invest in and what I won’t invest in, but just because something is not personally investable to me does not mean it’s also not a tremendous product that has phenomenal potential,” Higgins told me in an interview Monday. “They moved me in their pitch. They’re wonderful, they’re passionate, they’ve been at it for a long time, and I felt like with a little bit of mentorship to set them in the right direction, they could really be even more successful than they’ve already been.”