How Myanmar Can Embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tech entrepreneur Michael Lwin highlights a few key entities who can play a critical role in giving young Myanmar people a chance to try new things… to fail or to succeed. He makes the case that only by creating an environment where innovation is encouraged can Myanmar leapfrog and embrace the fourth industrial revolution. Michael is the son of two doctors who moved to the United States from Myanmar in the 1970s. When U.S. sanctions for Myanmar were suspended in 2012, he came to Myanmar to form Koe Koe Tech with his cousin, Dr. Yar Zar Minn Htoo, a Myanmar citizen, doctor, and software developer. Today Koe Koe Tech has 80 employees, 77 of whom are Myanmar nationals, about two-thirds of whom are women, and nearly 40 software developers, all of them Myanmar nationals.

Koe Koe Tech is building the fundamental software systems for Myanmar in health, law, and fintech. Michael believes that government and development aid should empower the rising, talented young people of Myanmar, providing them with the financing, the opportunities, and the flexibility to allow them to fail and learn in order to improve their country.