New fecal treatment plant to ease sewer crisis in Naivasha

A new faecal treatment plant is expected to address sewerage disposal crisis that has bogged down Naivasha for a long time now.

The ultra-modern plant, christened Sanivation Fecal Sludge Plant, was put up by Sanivation in collaboration with Naivasha Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Company (Naivawas).

Sanivation is a social enterprise organisation whose main preoccupation is to improve the overall dignity, health, and environment of urbanising communities in East Africa through delivering clean, safe and efficient sanitation services.

The plant will mainly deal with raw sewer from informal settlements which is normally directed into Lake Naivasha.

Sanivation’s director in charge of Government relations Dickson Ochieng’ said the plant has the capacity to serve 10,000 people within Naivasha.

Ochieng’, who spoke during the officials opening of the plant said it will help prevent over 1,800 tons of infectious waste from entering the lake and other water bodies every year.

“The plant will help ensure faecal sludge from vacuum truck operators and pit latrines is processed cost-effectively and safely,” he said.