SOL VISTA Partners with CSD Energy Advisors for Energy Procurement Customer Support

OL VISTA® announced they have partnered with CSD Energy Advisors, LLC to bolster energy procurement support for SOL VISTA’s Skywalk® subscribers, including diversified supplier bids, thorough opportunity analysis, and consistent post-deal support.
“We’re excited to work with SOL VISTA and believe our core services complement each other well. This is a relationship that should be beneficial for all our customers,” said Andrew Barth, CSD Energy Advisors Partner.
CSD Energy Advisors is a Houston, Texas-based energy management firm that provides custom solutions to meet commercial and industrial business energy needs. The company recently acquired energy client assets from Houston-based Incite Energy, LLC, significantly growing their customer base and improving the caliber of their energy management services.
“We have a longstanding relationship with the CSD team and are excited for the value their partnership will add for our Skywalk subscribers. Our customers will have a wider variety of energy supply choices available at lower costs, whether they have one building or a portfolio of properties,” said Shannon Sentman, SOL VISTA CEO & Co-Founder.
SOL VISTA’s SaaS platform, Skywalk, enables commercial building owners, managers, and engineers to improve the performance and profitability of their buildings. Skywalk simplifies property management by providing utility usage alerts and automating compliance with energy benchmarking mandates. The platform combines conventional and unconventional data aggregation, sophisticated analytics, and actionable insights and alerts.
SOL VISTA has reduced energy costs for a variety of commercial buildings located throughout the United States. To view a list of these customers, click here.