Folia Water

Folia Filters: the world’s first water filter for pennies, not dollars, a mass market staple for emerging markets

Folia Water’s flagship product is the Folia Filter, a simple, antimicrobial paper water filter. Each Folia Filter costs only pennies to manufacture and retails for 20 cents for 20 liters of safe, germ-free water. Folia Filters are the world’s first water filters that cost pennies and not dollars. Folia Filters are positioned as a mass market consumer good to aspirational working class households in emerging markets. Folia’s product designs fit into the containers that consumers are already using in their kitchens, for example, our newest design fits in the neck of a 20L water bottle. They are a 95% savings compared to bottled water, which is a $58B market in emerging markets alone.

Folia is a B2B OEM materials technology company with a patented process for nano-metallizing paper using the large scale and low costs of paper machinery. We sell through enterprise-scale CPG corporates, leveraging the massive scale of the marketing and distribution of the consumer grocery sector. Our vision is to make safe germ-free water products as common as other low cost staples like soaps, snacks, and SIM cards.

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