Recycling Startup, Wecyclers to Get N81.4 Million After Winning King Baudouin Foundation’s African Development Prize

Out of 244 applications, WeCyclers was selected winner for its development work in Nigerian communities. An award ceremony will be held at the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium on June 12, 2019 in the presence of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium .

Using SMS technology, a mobile application, and low-cost collection vehicles, the startup collects recyclable waste directly from local communities and sell them to recycling plants to be made into new products.

This way, Wecylers helps to reduce solid waste in the streets of Lagos (where it currently operates), while rewarding citizens economically.

Reports have it that today, Lagos residents generate 15,000 tons of waste per day, of which only 40% is collected by the local governments. So Wecylers’ model of operation helps to improve both the environment and the well-being of the populace.