MCN Update: 21 May 2020

We’re wrapping up our spring cohort, and this is what we are hearing from our entrepreneurs:
“Getting feedback from so many different kinds of expertise is huge. It felt very smooth for me, with a really high return.” — Margarita Womack, Mas Panadas

“What you are doing is phenomenal. It’s really helpful in unexpected ways…. I got great feedback from smart people. I thought [the clarification call] was fantastic. I’d taken part in a lot of ZOOM meetings, but I’ve never been in anything as well organized and tight constructed as that… You are giving a new company like mine legs to stand on. ” — Meredith Cymerman, JaM Treats 

As we wrap up one cohort, that means we’re building the next one. If you know any social entrepreneurs that we can help, they should apply to our program by July 6th.

There are a *lot* of fantastic online resources for social entrepreneurs out there right now. Two of my favorites are Sean Griffin’s PADITU (Put a Dent in the Universe) which is a running at 9:30 AM EDT every day through the end of May, and the Social Venture Circle’s NEXT Economy Live webinars, which run every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1:30 PM EDT.

And our annual event with Seth Goldman (co-founder of Honest Tea and board chair of Beyond Meat) is coming up on June 4th. 

And now, if you’ll indulge me:
In our last newsletter, I talked about Chuck Dell and John Nelson, two of the MCN elders who inspired me and so many others, but are sadly. who are no longer with us. 

Now I’d like to talk about an elder who is still with us.
My biggest personal and professional influence has been, and continues to be, a leader who showed me that you don’t need the spotlight to take charge. A manager who taught me that the most important job is to help your team succeed. And the person who showed me that investing in people who are leaders, even if other people don’t see them that way, is the path to the greatest impact. Her name is Elizabeth Dewolf Fisk, and she turns 90 today. Happy Birthday, Mom.
Ian Fisk

Executive Director

The Mentor Capital Network