MCN Update: 20 June 2020

We’re looking to mentor social entrepreneurs who don’t want to be told what to do.
Starting or growing a for-profit social enterprise? Apply by July 13th.
We don’t have your answers.We’re not looking for entrepreneurs who want to be told what to do.
We do have your questions.We are looking for leaders who are excited by the opportunity to connect with experienced mentors who are working on the same challenges that you are.
It’s a simple program.We carefully curate teams who provide written and video-call feedback on your ideas. Then you decide who you want to be your mentor, based on how useful their feedback was, and how constructively it was delivered.
And it works.
“Thank you So much for all your support. The [MCN] has helped so much already – and seriously what a difference a year can make! I really can’t thank you enough for helping us begin.”— .Shivani Siroya, CEO of Tala
“You have put vastly more thought into mentoring than the other incubators and accelerators I’ve come across. Many other programs mistake being new at business for being incompetent and the mentors are condescending as a result. You create an environment where that isn’t true.”
— Jonathan Levine, CEO of Folia Materials
“I think the most helpful thing for me with this program is the structure. [Often, in other programs] the feedback is provided in conversations that tend to go everywhere. Having a structure around that conversation and then getting structured feedback, is super helpful. I see a lot of value in this.”
— Malhia Kalid, CEO of Doctory
“Without the guidance and mentoring on our business model and plan, I would not have been able to achieve the subsequent $1 million to build our plant and launch the new business.”
— Peter Pinchot, CEO of Whole Forest
“I don’t see many programs like this that will lead to mentors if there is the right chemistry. That you’re not forced into a relationship with a mentor…. They choose us. We choose them.”
– Mihai Patru, Co-Founder of Mozaique