We ask for your business plan for two main reasons:

  1. We have found that document review is the best way to get 20 people to look at a company (with a goal of 2 or 3 of them engaging longer-term) in a way that works for everyone’s schedule.
  2. We ask for a business plan, rather than a pitch deck, because that is internally-focused. A plan is something you write for yourself and your team. Pitch decks, while valuable, are written for a specific audience. It’s easier for us to provide commentary on something that you wrote for yourself.

Your plan should be sent to us as a single file in Adobe PDF. Most of the plans we see are 16-24 pages long. While we will not enforce a strict length limit, plans longer than 30 pages will risk annoying your reviewers. You may reference additional online resources in your business plan.

Email your plan to network@mentorcapitalnet.org as an attached file by  September 15th, 2021. Here is what we ask our reviewers to look for. The most important thing is that you submit a document that you have written for *you*, not for us.

Please include the following logistical information for the MCN on either the cover page of your plan, or the in the text of the email to which your business plan is attached:

  • Company name
  • Name(s) of the lead contact individual(s), and email and telephone contact information.
  • Physical address of the company.
  • Website (if you have one), and any social media addresses that you are actively using.
  • An answer to: “Where do you need the most help in making your company successful?”
  • A list of any competitors that you want to make sure do not review your plan.

A note for USA-based companies — not all of our reviewers are accredited investors. This means that USA-based companies can not describe offerings of securities. In that regard:

  • You can say “We are seeking an investment of $AA, which we will use for BB purposes, which will enable us to become profitable / more attractive to future investors because of CC.”
  • You should not say “For a $XX investment, an investor would receive YY% of the company and/or a ZZ% annual return.”