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The Study

We looked at information on the Companies (773), Reviewers (1,067), and Business Plan Reviews (7,271) that were part of the MCN program between 2008 and 2018. Much of the reviewer information is focused on the 500 individuals who reviewed 5 or more companies with the MCN during that ten year window.

Focus Areas

  1. What attributes of the company’s leadership team most strongly correlated to future success.
  2. What attributes of the business plan most strongly correlated to future success
  3. What attributes of the reviewers most strongly correlated to an ability to more accurately predict companies that would succeed or fail.
  4. Internal research on the success of our program implantation.

Definition: Company Success

We looked at four success measures. While all of our companies aspire to social, environmental, or cultural impact, those measures vary widely by industry, so we stuck with four items that could be more consistently tracked. Data came from interviews, LinkedIn, Pitchbook, Crunchbase, Owler, and other media reports.

  1. Annual Revenue — which we adjusted by relative country wealth, since $100K USD means different things if you are based in, and selling to people in, the USA vs. being based in, and selling to people in, Myanmar.
  2. Longevity — Years in business since participating in our program.
  3. Non-Founder Hires.
  4. Funds Raised from external sources (debt, equity, or other means.)

Other Presentations of this information

In March 2020, our work got a write up in the online magazine Blue Avocado.

In July 2020, we presented our findings to the Social Venture Circle.

In July 2021, we presented our findings via the Impact Entrepreneur Fireside chat series.