A Few Days in the Shoes of a Social Entrepreneur in Haiti

Jess is an amazing social entrepreneur; as an undergrad at Tufts, she worked with The Archimedes Project to develop the idea for her social venture, Kouzin Dlo. Thanks to seed funding from The Resolution Project, Jess was then able to implement the business on the ground, moving to Haiti just 20 days after graduating. Kouzin Dlo trains women as micro-entrepreneurs to sell clean water products in their own communities. This model not only brings Kouzin Dlo’s effective products to communities at a price that’s 90 times cheaper than other clean drinking water options, but it also creates economic opportunities in marginalized communities.

Creating a Clean Water Economy

The name “Kouzin Dlo” literally translates to “water-selling cousin.” In local parlance, the word cousin signifies someone from your community, someone you trust. “Wherever I go, people shout ‘Kouzin Dlo! There goes the lady who sells the clean-water product,’” says Manouchka Badio, a Kouzin Dlo employee whom Laporte recruited. “The experience has been really good, not just for me, but for my community.”