Creating a Clean Water Economy

Collaborating with local Haitian partners RAJEPRE, PENAH and Team Tassy, Laporte established pilot sites for Kouzin Dlo operations in three communities in greater Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, between June to August. Since the start of 2015, Laporte has launched three additional sites and trained more than 30 women in nearby communities. She plans to replicate the direct-sales business model across the country.

The name “Kouzin Dlo” literally translates to “water-selling cousin.” In local parlance, the word cousin signifies someone from your community, someone you trust. “Wherever I go, people shout ‘Kouzin Dlo! There goes the lady who sells the clean-water product,’” says Manouchka Badio, a Kouzin Dlo employee whom Laporte recruited. “The experience has been really good, not just for me, but for my community.”