Sproutel May Be RI’s Most Innovative Company

Providence-based Sproutel has now developed two remarkable — and successful — interactive, smart stuffed toys to assist children with complex health challenges.

The products are transformative and one was named one of the “50 Best Innovations of 2018” by Time Magazine.
Aaron Horowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Sproutel, joined Business Monday and discussed with GoLocalProv CEO Josh Fenton how the company’s products help to improve and transform the lives of children facing disease.
The first of the innovative products is “Jerry the Bear” which is known as “a best friend for children with type 1 diabetes.”
It is designed for children with diabetes. The children learn and are comforted by taking care of Jerry’s diabetes. “Children gain hands-on practice with counting carbs, monitoring Jerry’s blood sugar, and dosing Jerry with insulin. Kids care for Jerry using the virtual diabetes tools and the digital pantry in our app.”
If you thought Jerry the Bear was impressive, try Sproutel’s followup innovative product, the Aflac Duck.
Equally brilliant, the Aflac duck is provided free of charge to any child diagnosed with any form of cancer. Time Magazine wrote about the duck when naming it one of the best innovations of 2018, “Among its many features: a companion IV set that allows kids to ‘treat’ the duck with chemotherapy, so they can see how the process works, and ’emoji cards’ that, when tapped against the duck’s chest, prompt it to act out feelings the child is too scared or confused to express to doctors.”
Horowitz cited the support of Commerce RI in the company’s development — most recently, Sproutel received an Innovation Voucher to work with Brown University.