Big Win at SXSW by Sproutel, Slater and More

“I’m so very proud of our team for both awards, and they represent very different achievements,” said Aaron Horowitz, co-founder and CEO. “For me, the People’s Choice Award means a lot because it was chosen by all of the attendees. I was blown away by so many of the companies and products I saw at SXSW so this award, in particular, was a great honor.”

Sproutel May Be RI’s Most Innovative Company

Providence-based Sproutel has now developed two remarkable — and successful — interactive, smart stuffed toys to assist children with complex health challenges.

Meet the tech whiz building robotic teddy bears to comfort sick kids

The experience sparked the idea for Jerry the Bear, an adorable robot teddy that simulates symptoms of Type 1 diabetes — including fluctuating blood sugar, bathroom urgency and feelings of dizziness. It’s designed so kids can better understand their own health and help normalize their experiences.

When a robot duck stole hearts

When Aaron Horowitz was a child, he had human-growth-hormone deficiency and was administered daily injections for five years in order to grow. It left a big enough impact for him to start a company called Sproutel, a company that collaborates with brands for better health. When Aflac, a supplemental insurance company in the US that has funded the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta, asked for a product to be a companion to children with cancer, they developed My Special Aflac Duck, a robot that interacted and responded intuitively. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, they won the Best Innovation in the Tech for a Better World category.

The Aflac Duck and Chemotherapy: How One Company Is Creating a Companion to Help Children with Cancer

Sproutel is a company that has been creating ‘companion robots’ for a few years. Their first robot is called ‘Jerry the Bear’ and was created to help children with type 1 diabetes better understand their disease and management. The children take care of Jerry, feeding him, checking his blood sugar, and giving him insulin. In many ways, it helps children understand why they need to do certain things. By taking care of Jerry, they can better take care of themselves.

My Special Aflac Duck™ Takes Home Best of CES 2018 Award

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the United States, capped off a busy week at the Consumer Electronics Show® (CES) by accepting the Best of CES 2018 Award for Best Unexpected Product for My Special Aflac Duck, the company’s new social robot designed to help children coping with cancer. The smart companion was created by Sproutel, a research and development workshop focused on making health care playful.